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Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan or Fan Si Pan (Phan Xi Păng in Vietnamese About this sound pronunciation is a mountain in Vietnam, the highest in Indochina, at 3,142 metres (10,308 ft). It is located in the Lào Cai province of Northwest Vietnam, 9 km southwest of Sa Pa Township in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

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The trail for climbing up Fanxipan mountains from Cat Cat village


Most day in the winter are clousdy and trekking to this parts of Sapa mountains is a real adventure trips
The road to mountain top (Fansipan trekking tours)

panxifan mountains

Early morning scenery of Phansipan


 Fanxipan Mountains

 Fanxipan Mountains

 Fanxipan Mountains

 Fanxipan Mountains

Some day, the sky become sunny and a great view on the top of  Fanxipan Mountains

 Fanxipan Mountains

Fansipan Mountain is located 9km south-west of Sapa Townlet in the Hoang Lien Mountain Range. Fansipan is branded "the Roof of Indochina "at the height of 3,143m; Fansipan is to be approved as one of the very few eco-tourist spots of Vietnam, with about 2,024 floral varieties and 327 faunal species. The topography of Fansipan is varied. Muong Hoa Valley, at the lowest altitude (950-1,000m), is created by a narrow strip of land at the base on the east side of the mountain.

 Fanxipan Mountains

Foreigners like best to book Fansipan tours between October and December, as this period is more often than not free from the heavy rains that obstruct the jaunt. But the Vietnamese prefer their tours to the peak of the mountain from February to April, as it is not so cold then. However, the best time for the trek to the mountain is from the end of February to the start of March, when the flowers all flourish and the climbers may behold the carpets of brilliant blossoms, violets and orchids, rhododendrons and aglaias.

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